Zygocactus Care

Zygocactus are generally easy plants to grow and the fact that there are many plants around that are decades old are testimony to this.

Ou new eBook Growing Zygocactus has lots of information on how to grow 

Growing Zygocactus is our new eBook on growing what we call in Australia " Zygocactus ". A they do not flower at Christmas or Holiday periods naming them Christmas Cactus or Holiday Cactus or Thanksgiving Cactus has no meaning in Australia.

Zygocactus was the old name and while they are technically called Schlumbergera that name hasn't really taken off.

Growing Zygocactus has information on growing regarding:

  • Breeding
  • Light conditions
  • Watering
  • Fertilizer
  • Flowering
  • Temperature
  • Diseases & pests
  • Potting mix
  • Propagation
  • Pruning

If you like the photos on this website you will love the 244 photos in the eBook over 54 pages. Comparisons of 44 varieties from Australia, USA and Europe to help you grow beautiful plants.

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Zygocactus care 

Most problems with zygocactus care comes from overwatering. Zygos do not like wet feet. When watering give the plant a good drink and let the top of the soil dry out before the next watering.

You are better off to under water than over water. As an experiment I have left zygos in the garage for 4 months without a drink. They slowly started to look shrivelled, droopy and became brittle. A thorough soaking in a bucket for a day and they survived with regular care.

Depending where you are growing your zygocactus at home and how many zygos and other plants you have to maintain usually determines how you water your plants.

Using a hose and spraying water over everything that needs a drink and doesn't is usually how most people water. If you have a lot of plants this is the only practical way to water. However, water borne diseases spread with water dripping off one infected plant onto others and hosing your plants is a way to spread these diseases around.

The same thing happens after periods of prolonged wet weather.

If you have only a small number of plants to water you are better off using a watering can with the spout taking off the rosette and watering the potting mix rather than the plant itself.

If you remember nothing else, remember that zygocactus do not like wet feet.

Overwatering causes diseases killing off the roots and the phylloclade leaves. Once the bottom leaf dies off the rest of the plant dies as it cannot receive any water or nutrients.

Zygocactus care 
Potting Mix

Zygocactus are epiphytes. Other types of epiphytes are bromeliads and orchids. These types of plants don't need soil to survive and grow. They take in moisture and nutrients from the air and rain in the rainforests were they are found.

Zygocactus grow naturally in branch forks and rock crevices. Tropical showers are common place events providing continuing supplies of moisture and nutrients.

So when growing zygocactus you need a potting mix to anchor the plant in. It needs to be free draining and aerated to help control soil-borne disease and pest problems that are associated with soggy soil.

It is suggested that zygos like a pH range from 5.5 to 6.5 and do well under these conditions.

Remember, zygocactus do not like wet feet.

My Flower has turned Pink?

White flowers are white and yellow flowers are yellow. However, these light colored zygocactus, schlumbergera or Christmas cactus plants can be affected by the cold. Usually it is a sudden drop in temperature a few days before the bud bursts open. These can create some beautiful colorful combinations. If the temperature does not drop just before bud opening next year, your whites will be white and your yellows will be yellow.

The above photograph shows the yellow Gold Charm schlumbergera with cold affected pink colorings.

More zygocactus growing information is detailed in our Growing Zygocactus (eBook)