Zygocactus Gold Fantasy

Zygocactus Gold Fantasy was a mutation discovered by the breeder Larry Cobia in a batch of Gold Charm.  It was bred by Larry Cobia in Florida and is one of the most popular colours of all time. In the USA it was released in 1988 as Christmas Flame reminiscent of a candle flame. In Australia it was released as Gold Fantasy around 1990.


The name says it all. Gold Fantasy. The most intense yellow gold coloured zygocactus flower. Yellow or gold are not natural colours found in wild zygocactus from South America.

Gold Fantasy buds are a deep red-purple wheras the buds of Gold Charm are yellow-green. As the buds grow and mature the strong yellow colour emerges yellow in the centre areas of the petals and reddish orange in the petal margins. Just like a candle flame. Hence it USA name of Christmas Flame.

The flower opens out flat with minimum recurve creating a relatively large flower in full flower. The purple of the buds die down into strong yellows as the flower matures.

As with all light coloured zygo's if there is a sudden change in cooler temperature just before the buds open the flower will come out with gold but also purple shades as it is affected by the cold.


The leaves or phyllocades of Gold Fantasy are similar in length to Gold Charm but are distinctively narrower. The plant is a semi-upright growing variety which makes it suitable as both a hanging basket and table top plant.

Gold Fantasy in full bloom.

L to R Gold Charm compared to Gold Fantasy

L to R Gold Charm compared to Gold Fantasy

Gold Fantasy flower and bud.