Zygocactus Christmas Fantasy

Christmas Fantasy is a beautiful light coloured zygocactus. It was bred by Larry Cobia of Florida and was introduced in the USA in 1986. It was introduced into Australia around 1990 under the same name.


Zygocactus Christmas Fantasy is a beautiful light coloured salmon colour flower. It is a prolific flowering plant and probably the best and easiest growing of most zygo varieties.

The flowers open flat and slowly curve back as the bloom nears its end.


The leaves or phyllocades of zygogocactus Christmas Fantasy are vigorous growing into a semi-upright habit. They make beautiful displays in baskets and as flowering table top plants.

This variety has one of the best overall shapes as a foliage plant. Even when not in flower it still makes an attractive foliage plant in either a basket or as a table top display pot.

Christmas Fantasy flower

Christmas Fantasy flowers

Cluster of Christmas Fantasy flowers.