Zygocactus Bridgeport

Zygocactus Bridgeport was the first of the new Cobia zygocactus to be granted Plant Breeders Rights in Australia.

Bridgeport was named after the USA town of Bridgeport in California being pure white in winter snow. The name seemed to be apt to describe the snow white colour of Bridgeport. Remember as this zygocactus flowered in winter in the USA, hence Christmas Cactus in the northern hemisphere, the breeder Larry Cobia wanted to keep the same name in Australia.

Zygocactus Bridgeport Flower

Bridgeport is a large broad flowering pure white zygocactus variety. It has large rounded petals which gives the appearance of a large flower. The flower petals of Bridgeport are flat across the surface of the flower and do not tend to fall backwards or become reflected such as the earlier zygocactus varieties such as White Christmas.

Not only is the flower large but as expected the buds are more than double the size of say zygocactus "White Christmas". They are also more rounded or obtuse while White Christmas buds are smaller, narrower and acute in shape.

Zygocactus Bridgeport

Zygocactus Bridgeport close up.

Bridgeport flower, buds and leaves.