Zygocactus "Aspen"

Zygocactus Aspen was the first frilly petal zygocactus to be released in Australia in 1994. It is a smaller version of Bridgeport but with frills or serrations on the end of the petals. As the bud begins to develop the frills or serrations of the tight knit petals are clearly visible.

The Aspen zygocactus (schlumbergera) variety grows semi-upright and the phylloclade's or leaves do not freely branch such as Christmas Fantasy.

Aspen is suitable for a feature pot plant that can be grown and later brought inside at flowering time and displayed on a counter, bench or table.

Like all light coloured zygocactus flowers Aspen will get shades of pink in the white petals if the plant is subjected to a sudden change to cooler conditions a few days before flowering.

Aspen as you have probably guessed is named after the stunning pure snow of Aspen Colorado.

Zygocactus Aspen