Zygocactus Precilla

Zygocactus Precilla is an improvement on zygocactus variety Rosebud. Precilla was bred by Larry Cobia and Plant Breeders Rights were applied for in Australia in 2009.


Zygocactus Precilla is a broad long flower and the petals open out flat rather than bending back which is referred to as reflect on earlier zygocactus varieties. The colour is an intense cerise shade. Buds start out green before developing the cerise colour as the bud grows.

The flower petals known as "tepal blades" have a white area near the throat or centre of the flower.

Masses of flowers on this zygocactus create a stunning display as can be seen the photographs below.


The leaves or phyllocades of Zygocactus Precilla are short and more on the narrow side. Precilla tends to grow semi upright with a tendency to hang which makes it a create display in a hanging basket.

Precilla large hanging basket in flower

Precilla flower cluster

Precilla side angle of flower cluster

Zygocactus Precilla looking up from under the basket. This basket is around half a metre across with the plant taking it to over one metre. This effect has been created by growing several Precilla plants together.